Domaine Willamette, a stunning tasting and aging facility, was designed to deliver the ultimate wine and food experience for guests. Ownership, mindful of nature, sustainability, environment, and being stewards of the land made the early decision to use and reuse and to respect the environment and local ecosystem.

With that in mind, three items were a must: an estate-grown black walnut tree was milled and used in the club area of the facility; roof rainwater was to be collected, filtered through a Vortex rainwater filter, and stored in an oak water tower, then used to irrigate the natural plantings around the facility; to protect the biodynamic vineyard, only vegetation free of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers were used in the landscape.

The modern tasting facility is nestled on the 40-acre biodynamically farmed Bernau Estate Vineyard site along Highway 99 near Dundee in the Dundee Hills AVA. The tasting bars include the main tasting bar plus the exclusive club tasting bar that supports the lower and upper club areas. Positioned just behind both tasting bars is a well-equipped restaurant kitchen plus a dedicated wine storage room capable of holding 240 cases of wine. Expansive windows provide breathtaking views. Through several doors, guests can venture out and explore the beautiful gardens and terraced patios. Guests can relax with a glass of wine while listening to the soothing sounds from the multi-level water feature, which has wood bridges and waterfalls that eventually flow into an 80,000-gallon fire retention pond. Below the main floor is an underground bottle aging cellar for their world-class méthode champenoise sparkling.

This facility offers Oregon-inspired hospitality with wine and food pairings, stunning views, educational tours, and of course, beautiful gardens for guests to explore.

Project Facts

  • 17,351 sq. ft.
  • In Dayton, OR
  • New construction
  • Repeat customer