At CD Redding, we’re the Willamette Valley’s winery construction experts.

Our winery build-out specialists are known for their project management expertise. Our team believes that the best winery construction and design projects are earned through experience, integrity, and attention to detail.

Wineries, tasting rooms, and event halls require a careful balance of function, exquisite detail, and stunning visual impact. We’ll help you build from the ground up or keep your doors open during a renovation or expansion.

The CD Redding Construction and Design Process

Our skilled contractors have built a sterling reputation in the Pacific Northwest with an extensive portfolio of successful winery construction and renovation projects. We work hard to make sure you’re thrilled with your project and aim to exceed expectations throughout the process. We consistently deliver by focusing on our key values:

  • Work with you to best utilize your budget so we can create the perfect winery space.
  • Execute details no matter their size. We work with the very best subcontractors in the Willamette Valley.
  • Manage schedules and subcontractors. We’ll make sure your project goes smoothly and is delivered on time.
  • Meticulously follow up so we catch even the most minor issues before they develop into major issues. We always ensure everything passes inspections and meets regulations.

Willamette Valley Vineyard Fermenting Tank Covers

We Do Business Right

Planning a winery construction project? CD Redding will deliver a space you’ll be proud of.